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Activities at the “Tower and Stockade” Reconstructed Site

We shall be the first ones:

An experiential activity at the reconstructed site, including a movie screening in the dining room shack.

Designated for 4th – 6th grades, up to one hour and a half, 16 NIS per student.


Give us bread and olives:

Instead of a movie, a light pioneering meal comprising bread, butter, olives, jams and sweet tea, served on tin plates.

Designated for kindergartens and 1st – 3rd grades, up to one hour and a half, 20 NIS per student.


Lantern making workshop:

Preparation of an old-fashioned lanterns: a tin can, hammer and nails, 45 minutes, 18 NIS per student.

Construction of a miniature model of a Tower and a Stockade:

Wood construction – joint work carried out in work teams, half an hour, 18 NIS per student.


The stream’s riddle:


A riddle at the banks of the Amal (Hassi) Stream + a map with site indications, up to an hour and a half, 12 NIS per student.


A tour at the Settlement Bells Garden:


The tales of the bells of the valley’s settlements, up half an hour, 12 NIS per student.