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About Gan HaShlosha

Gan HaShlosha – The Sachne, resides at the foot of the Gilboa and it is considered one of the most beautiful and toured vacation and recreation sites in Israel. Its beauty has even gained international recognition when the Time Magazine crowned it as one of the 20 most beautiful parks in the world.

You are invited to be impressed with the magic the Park bestows upon its visitors.



The Park’s Hebrew name commemorates three pioneers: Aharon Etkin, Haim Shturman and David Mosensohn, who had fallen in 1938 when their car ran over a mine while they were looking for a suitable place to establish a new Kibbutz in the Beit She'an Valley area.  The water sources, emanating from the Ein El Asi Stream (Amal Stream), are located at the northern area of the Samaria Mountains and at the eastern area of the Gilboa Mountains. During its subterranean flow, the water heats up to 28 degrees, making the bathing experience enjoyable throughout the year – even during the winter. And indeed, this is the Arab name of the Park: The Sachne – “Hot”. The stream’s length within the Park’s area reaches up to 500 meters.


The water in the Park gush out from a perennial stream, filling a system of enormous pools interconnected by beautiful waterfalls. The pools are surrounded by expansive shaded lawns and ornamental trees. Picnic areas are available at the guests’ convenience, as well as grilling stations, snack bars, drinking fountains, showers with hot water and lavatories – and everything is sparkling clean and well-maintained by a professional staff.



More to enjoy within the Park’s area: an antique water-powered flour mill and the “Footprints in the Valley” Museum which comprises two wings:

The Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archeology and the Tower and Stockade Site, which reconstructs precisely and unerringly the first Tower and Stockade settlement that was established in the Land of Israel, Tel Amal (presently Nir David).


Entry to the Museum is free of charge for guests spending their time and enjoying in the Park. Moreover, in the lower pool area you’ll easily notice some terraced seats and it is currently assumed that the place once served as a Roman Water Theatre (“Naumachia”) which hosted simulated sea battles for amusement purposes.


The Gan HaShlosha National Park is open to the visiting public throughout the week and all year round.