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Price List of Gan HaShlosha

Following are the entry prices to Gan HaShlosha (The Sachne) for 2017:



Price Stipulation Ticket Type
39 NIS   Adult
NIS 24 Below the age of 14 (from the age of 5) Child
NIS 20 Upon presentation of a senior veteran card Senior citizen
NIS 24 Upon ID card presentation Soldier in compulsory military
service/national service
29 NIS Upon presentation of a “Behatsdaa” card Active reserve personnel
20 NIS Upon ID card presentation IDF disabled veteran
30 NIS Upon student card presentation Student (from abroad as well)
35 NIS 30 people and above Adult within a group
NIS 22 30 people and above Child within a group
NIS 63 See the activity schedule Lodging and camping - adult
NIS 53 See the activity schedule Lodging and camping - child



Educational price list for groups:


Price Remarks Ticket Type
16 NIS An hour and a half Educational activity at the Tower and Stockade Site
16 NIS An hour and a half Educational activity at the Museum of Archeology
26 NIS Three hours Educational activity in both wings





The price includes bathing and swimming in the pools and free entry to the “Footprints in the Valley” Museum (Tower and Stockade and the Museum of Archeology – without guidance) which are located within the Park’s area. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance ticket office, it is unnecessary to book entry in advance. We accept cash and credit card payments. We look forward to seeing you!


*Guests of Gan HaShlosha are entitled to a 25% discount on admission to the Gan Guru Australian Zoo and for the rental of green eco-friendly vehicles at the Ma’ayanot Park (a similar discount will be awarded for entry into the Gan HaShlosha Park upon the presentation of receipts provided by the aforementioned sites).


*A group of 30 visitors and above is entitled to a special price for integrated activities at Gan HaShlosha and Gan Guru –

ask us for more details.


We look forward to welcoming you!