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Guided Tours

  1. A fascinating guided tour at the reconstructed “Tower and Stockade” Site suited for every age group.
  2. The performance held by the pair of actors “Yanek and Shoshanke” can be integrated into the tour, enabling them to depict, by means of a dramatized and humoristic tour, the way of life of the founding pioneers.
  3. A unique and special lanterns tour carried out under the moonlight along the banks of the Amal Stream (also known as the Hassi Stream).
  4. A professional guided tour at the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archeology, which exhibits an abundance of rare findings and artifacts from the Beit She'an Valley and the Mediterranean Basin.
  5. A guided tour at Gan HaShlosha: a hideaway cave dated to the Bar Kokhba revolt period, flour mills, an ancient water theatre, a walk towards the Gan HaShlosha stream gush out and viewing of geological phenomena.