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Recommendations for a Fun Day

Gan HaShlosha is an uncommonly beautiful water park, where bathing and swimming constitute its main attractions, yet the Park hides within some fascinating and horizon-broadening places of interest which will upgrade the visit, turning it into an experience of heritage, culture and history. Gan HaShlosha isn’t indeed a typical water park, and that’s part of its charm.


We shall commence the tour at the Ein El Asi Stream (Amal Stream), which is located near the entrance. Here everything begins: the water gush at a constant temperature of 28 degrees, making the bathing and swimming experience warm and pleasant all year round, even during the winter. Nearby the stream stands a basalt rock memorial commemorating the three pioneers who were murdered before the establishment of the State of Israel, when their car ran over a mine in the region of the Beit She'an Valley. The Gan HaShlosha Park is named after them.


Equipped with the Park’s map which was provided at the entrance, we will march eastwards, along the northern banks of the pools, while enjoying a walk on the vegetation-immersed promenade situated right by the water. After a short walk, we will notice a signpost comprising a map: “The Footprints in the Valley Path”. This is the starting point of a wonderful journey through time. According to the map, we shall continue walking eastwards, searching for a well-ordered walking trail that will lead us directly to the “Settlement Bells Garden” located at the rear of the “Tower and Stockade” Site. Once, before the establishment of the State of Israel, every event had its own bell, which produced a special sound: a wake-up bell, a “meal is ready” bell, an emergency bell and so forth. The Bells Garden deploys before the visitors the assortment of bells, through which they can learn something about the way of life during that period. And for fans of antique cars among us, a special surprise: work vehicles that were utilized by the pioneers are shown here on display.


In close proximity to the Bells Garden – the Tower and Stockade Site, which is a precise and unerring reconstruction of the first Tower and Stockade settlement that was established in the Land of Israel – Tel-Amal, (presently the nearby Kibbutz Nir David). Through the utilization of this construction method, settlements were established overnight during the 30’s of the previous century, hence contributing to the determination of the future borders of the State in-the-making. Besides the dining room, the laundry facilities and the authentically-furnished shacks, the site comprises activity stations intended for independent family activities: wearing pioneer clothing, filling sacks with gravel, building the peripheral walls and more.


After the pioneering experience, we will exit the site and walk southwards. We will then cross the bridge passing over the Hassi Stream. On our left side, we will notice the structures and buildings of Kibbutz Nir David and we’ll certainly find out that the Kibbutz has evolved greatly since it became the settlement we just visited…

After crossing the bridge, we will turn left into the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archeology. The Museum was founded in 1963 on an ancient barrow whose inhabitants were engaged in fabrics weaving and dyeing. The archeological findings that were exposed during the barrow’s excavations shed light over the past settlement within the area of Gan HaShlosha, beginning from the Ancient Israel and Judah Period until the Arab Period.  In the Museum, the visitors can also admire findings that were uncovered in nearby archeological sites, a rare collection of antique Greek tools and utensils, findings originating from Egypt and Persia and an abundance of “treasures” originating from the Mediterranean Basin and from other different periods. One of the most recommended exhibitions is the Etruscan Exhibition, combining music, scents and sights while instilling in the visitors a special experience.


We will exit the Museum and walk westwards, this time on the southern banks of the Hassi Stream. Within a short time, we will encounter yet another piece of history: an ancient reconstructed water-powered flour mill which functioned until the early 20th century.


A few more steps along the banks of the stream will lead us to a one-of-a-kind finding in the Land of Israel: an ancient Roman water theatre comprising carved seats, which faces the stream’s ravine, where gladiator sea battles were held for amusement purposes. This is unbelievable! We came to a water park and found ourselves traveling within the historical depths of Gan HaShlosha…


Wow, we have learned a lot…It is time to freshen up in the clear and transparent water of the Sachne. It’s already noontime and it has been so interesting that we’ve forgotten that we are in a water park! There are deep water pools and shallow water pools, a wading pool for the little ones and waterfalls that pleasantly massage your back, a real paradise!

And although summer is already behind us, the water is always warm, and it is particularly pleasant to bath in the pools when it’s cold outside – as will attest the veteran members of Gan HaShlosha, who always wake up early for an early water swim – even when it’s cold and rainy outside!


After exiting the water, we will finally have the time to barbecue – how much longer must we wait?

And since everyone is waiting for July to come in order to visit the Park, almost every picnic area and grill area are vacant…such a pleasure! Mom wants a hot coffee on a cool day? No problem, someone at the nearby snack bar will be glad to prepare some hot coffee and a pastry for mom, wholeheartedly.


After having toured, learned, swum, eaten and simply having enjoyed this pearl of nature that was awarded to us, we will make our way back home and we would like to remind you that those who visit us many times during the year should consider issuing a membership card at a very worthwhile price.

Enjoy and have a good time!