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Lodging and Camping

Magical Nights at Gan HaShlosha


Overnight camping is available on the weekends on july and august (friday night).

Please read carefully the guidelines below, and click on the link on bottom of the page to make a reservation.




*Organized groups comprising 100 visitors and above can utilize our lodging and camping facilities throughout the entire year.


Price List



Adult 65 NIS
Child (aged 5 to 14) 50 NIS
Adult (member of 'Matmon') 49 NIS
Child (member of 'Matmon') 38 NIS
Trailer (mobile home) connection to water and electricity 50 NIS




Dear visitors, please read carefully the following guidelines prior to your registration to our lodging and camping facilities:


  1. Lodging and camping are carried out solely on Fridays and they require registration in advance by means of the form displayed at the bottom of the page. Please read carefully all the guidelines and procedures before filling out the form and confirming the registration.


  1. Entry into the lodging and camping compound will be allowed between 17:00 and 19:00. Entry of visitors into the lodging and camping compound outside these hours will be prohibited.


  1. The parking lot is located at a distance of about 150 meters from the lodging and camping compound. Equipment transfer is under the responsibility of the visitors.


  1. The lodging and camping compound is inaccessible to the pools and no evening/night swims will take place. Bathing and swimming without lifeguard services are strictly forbidden.


  1. Swimming and bathing will be allowed on Saturday from 8:00 in the morning and will continue until the Park’s closure at 17:00. The pools are deep – entry into the water requires prior knowledge of swimming.


  1. Toilets, showers, water fountains, lighting, mobile phones charging stations and garbage cans are available at the visitors’ disposal – please keep them clean.


  1. There is no access to electrical outlets in the lodging and camping compound and the use of a generator is forbidden.


  1. Fire lighting is forbidden within the lodging and camping compound. The visitors are allowed to light fires solely on BBQ grilling stations, at places designated by the Park’s Management. After grilling, the leftovers must be removed and thrown into the charcoal collection facilities scattered throughout the lodging and camping compound.


  1. No camping equipment rental services are available at the Park.


  1. A limited amount of picnic tables is scattered throughout the lodging and camping compound. We recommend that you equip yourself accordingly in advance – no table and chair rental services are available at the Park.


  1. A trailers’ (mobile homes) compound is also available at the visitors’ convenience. Please note that the number of available spaces is limited. Make sure you receive a confirmation message regarding the availability of trailer lodging. No trailer rental services are available at the Park.


  1. Gan HaShlosha (The Sachne) is a National Park, therefore all the rules and regulations regarding National Parks apply to all the visitors and hence it is mandatory to behave accordingly.


  1. In order to maintain public security, it is forbidden to bring glass bottles into the Park’s area.


  1. The Park is designated for quiet recreation in the great outdoors, therefore playing music and making noise throughout the Park is prohibited.


  1. The entry of dogs and other animals into the Park is forbidden.


  1. The Park contains varied flora and vegetation, lawns, play facilities and playgrounds, benches and tables. In order to maintain their intactness – football playing is prohibited throughout the Park and drawing or writing on rocks, structures or facilities is forbidden as well.


  1. It is mandatory to abide the lifeguards’ instructions. Swimming and bathing without lifeguard supervision is prohibited,


  1. Jumping into the water is dangerous and prohibited! Pool entry and exit is allowed solely through the stairs.


  1. It is necessary to exercise caution in order to avoid slipping within the Park’s area, and particularly nearby the water pools.


  1. Climbing on the rocks along the stream is prohibited and dangerous (danger of slipping and injury).


  1. Bathing and swimming ends half an hour before the Park’s closure – staying at the Park after closing hours is not allowed.


  1. For the sake of maintaining public order, it is mandatory to abide the provisions of the Park’s employees.


  1. When filling out the form, the visitor will be required to enter his/her credit card information. The payment itself is carried out solely at the cash register located at the entrance, but if the registrant has not arrived to the lodging and camping compound and he has not notified us in advance – the means of payment provided will be charged 50% of thevalueof the entire 


  1. To register, click here or call us: 04-6586219