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Museum of Archeology

Dear guests,

We have the honor to offer you a cultural and horizon-broadening pastime at the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archeology, situated at Gan HaShlosha – The Sachne.  The museum exhibits items and artifacts originating from the Prehistoric Era until the Early Arab Period. Among others, you will be impressed by exhibits originating from the Biblical settlement which resided in the past on the barrow where the Museum is presently situated, whose inhabitants were engaged in fabrics weaving and dyeing. The Museum gained international exposure as well when its rare collections were put on view in the most respected and prestigious journal in the field. So, what can we offer you?



  1. You are invited to admire the rare exhibits in photos.
  2. Unique educational activities for schools and kindergartens.
  3. A professional guided tour suiting every age and every group: employees on a fun day, tourists from abroad, organized families and so forth. Every family can integrate a cultural experience in Gan HaShlosha.
  4. It is recommended to integrate the cultural experience at the Museum with activities at the Tower and Stockade site in order to feel how the pioneers experienced life around here during Israel’s pre-state period.

What’s on at the Museum of Archeology?


The museum comprises three permanent exhibitions halls as well as a changing exhibitions hall. One can observe findings from excavations carried out at the Beit She'an Valley and a rare collection of painted Greek and Persian ceramics. For the duration of the coming year, an exposition demonstrating the industry in Beit She'an during the Early Islamic Period will be exhibited at the changing exhibitions hall. The Museum also features youth activities dealing with the reconstruction of ancient technologies and lifestyles in days of yore. The museum exhibits a unique and innovative permanent exhibition comprising a collection of rare Etruscan jewelry and tools, from the Museum’s collections.


During the forthcoming year, an exhibition dealing with ancient quarries and stone architectural construction will be displayed at the changing exhibitions hall, inclusive of a colorful minerals collection emanating from the bowels of the earth. At the educational wing: activities for children and youngsters that engage in the reconstruction of ancient technologies and lifestyles in days of yore.


Annually at the Park and the Museum: The Peace and Tolerance Olympic Games take place, in the Olympic spirit of Ancient Greece, and with the participation of the Anthroposophic Schools from around the country.  This experiential and meaningful activity is engaged in sports, in the Olympic spirit of Ancient Greece, while emphasizing peace and tolerance, proper body movements as well as team spirit and cooperation. The activities also include music and art workshops. We have inaugurated a designated center intended to engage in these topics, under the sponsorship of the Greek Ambassadors in Israel. We invite educators and teachers of sports, history, music and art to contact us during the coming year for the purpose of carrying out a joint planning for similar events.



Museum guidance is provided in Hebrew and English. The guidance duration is about one hour.


Opening times: Sunday – Thursday, Saturday and Holidays: 10:00 – 14:00.

On Friday: for groups only, with advanced coordination. Group visits can be coordinated at other times as well.


How to arrive: through the Beit She'an – Afula Road (#71).


The Museum is situated within Gan HaShlosha (The Sachne).


*For Gan HaShlosha visitors – the Museum entrance is included in the entrance price. Group guidance is provided at an additional cost.


Contact us at: Phone – 04-6586352, Telefax – 04-6581630.


Address: Gan HaShlosha (The Sachne), Mobile Post Office Beit She'an Valley, Zip Code 10803.


General Manager: Dror Segal.